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4 Tips to Engage Leads Across Devices


With over a third of online car shoppers researching on multiple devices, responsive design is a smart way to give them the fabulous online experience they deserve (and often expect). Some dealers are already creating responsive websites that adapt to the screen and are easy to navigate on computer, tablet or smartphone. Just ensure that it’s easy for customers to actually contact you about vehicles across all those devices, too.

Chad Sabatka, Anderson Auto Group’s web developer and digital marketing director, is a big proponent of making such connections easy. He offers Contact At Once!’s auto dealer chat and text on his site—and several other contact options—paying close attention to what works best on his customers’ different devices. Here are a few tips:

#1 – Look At Your Site From Every Angle

Comb through your dealership site on a desktop or laptop, tablet AND smartphone. Even if you responsively designed your site or optimized it for mobile (and you should), is it obvious how to ask a question? Are your contact options easy and convenient, regardless of the screen’s size/shape?

#2 – Offer Easy Access

Part of encouraging engagement is letting shoppers use the communication they prefer the very moment questions arise. That’s why, along with gathering the contact information in a central place, Chad also puts several (like the instant chat/text options) right on the VDP.

This easy access is even more important when shoppers view your site on a mobile device—1 in 3 are looking specifically for that information. So Chad suggests one-click contact methods on mobile sites (tap-to-text buttons, clickable phone numbers). He even anchors some options to the bottom of the screen, so they are always visible in portrait or landscape mode and wherever shoppers scroll.

#3 – Consider Color, Photos & Movement to Draw Attention

If your contact options are too subtle, shoppers may breeze right past them. One way to make your real-time chat and text options grab shoppers’ attention is by testing the color of those call-to-action buttons. Which color makes them stand out more? On a desktop or tablet site, you could also add in real photos of your team to a personalized chat greeting that moves to the lower right side levitra 10 mg for sale. According to Chad’s site’s heat map, this method gets a lot of clicks and action.

#4 – Resist the Urge to Be Too “Helpful”

Grabbing attention is a delicate balance between being seen and being annoying. To avoid the latter, you could put buttons or drop-ins in the margin or gutters of a site—you’ll be out of the main content and less likely to negatively interrupt the shopping experience. The same goes for sending a drop-in chat greeting. If the shopper says no by closing that drop-in, make sure you have a delay built in so you don’t send a new drop-in too quickly.

But Really…Why Should You Care?

No matter how online shoppers choose to contact you, they need to be able to do it from your site on any device. Simply. Easily. The easier you make it to ask a question online, the more likely customers are to connect. Answer their questions and help them out a bit earlier, and you might encourage a few more ups in the door.

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