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How Available Is Your Dealership To Online Consumers?


Data shows that dealerships with higher online percentages generate more chat leads and see better results.

What would happen to your dealership’s sales if customers walked onto the lot only to find that no one was available to answer their questions? The same thing can happen when customers visit your internet showroom. So, what can dealerships do to increase their online percentage and respond to more potential buyers?

#1 Have as many users set up to answer chats for the dealership as possible

Some dealership chat services allow for an unlimited number of users. With more salespeople active at any given time it is more likely one will be available the next time a prospect wants to reach out while at work from their cubicle.

#2 Have users add mobile chat to their smartphones

Using a mobile chat app allows users to become untethered from their desktop computers and remain active and available to online consumers while away from their desks. Incoming chats can be answered anytime, from wherever the user decides to respond.

#3 Use a chat rollover service to cover the gaps

Even after maximizing the number of potential active users and adding <a title="mobile chat" href="http://www.autodealerchat generic levitra” class=”broken_link”>mobile chat to user smartphones, there are times when no one at the dealership is available. These times can include periods of peak showroom activity, after hours or over holidays. A professional chat rollover service with automotive experience is a great way to cover the gaps. A chat rollover service fields basic questions for consumers, records lead information and forwards the opportunity on to the dealership so that every prospective online buyer has the chance to give you the business.

The heatmap above illustrates the peak hours during the day when dealers receive incoming chats. Take note of the deep red pockets of consumers shopping while they’re at work as well as the medium orange activity from 8-11PM at night.

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