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The Remarketing Effect of Live Chat


The benefits of remarketing (or retargeting) for dealers cannot be overstated. Remarketing is the technique of having your dealership’s ads displayed across a search network as prospects leave your dealership website and visit other sites Cheap NFL Jerseys within the search network. The way it works is that the prospect’s IP address is noted and a cookie is attached to the prospect’s browser. Then, for a set period of time, your dealership’s ads cheap ray bans are continually displayed to that prospect, causing repeated impressions and reminders of your brand. The idea is that as the prospect moves on from your website and continues considering their options, your dealership remains top of mind and accessible the original source.

Google Adwords is the primary mechanism for retargeting for most dealers and a number of thought leaders and consultants including Brian Pasch, wholesale nfl jersyes Paul Potratz and others have offered specific guidance on how dealers can setup Google Adwords for retargeting. This Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses article moves from that approach and focuses on a new approach to remarking using live chat photo drop-in invitations.

HOW IT’S Fake Oakleys DONE

Today, approximately 21% of all dealerships employ live chat on their websites and a great number of them elect to present a photo Tapian drop-in invitation on their homepage. This is the case since photo drop-ins, particularly ones that include actual photos of people at the dealership, can double the number of chat requests received compared to displaying live chat buttons alone. This single placement of a photo drop-in invitation is not by itself retargeting. cheap nfl jerseys However, when similar live chat photo drop-in invitations belonging to your dealership begin appearing as prospects move from your dealership website to any number cheap nba jerseys of sites across the web including your Facebook page, your OEM’s website, and others, the experience is in fact similar to remarking.

And it works in both directions. A Kia prospect, for example, who wholesale jerseys china first visits (which displays your photo drop-ins), then (which displays your photo drop-ins) and clicks on her Kia dealership website where a live chat photo drop-in invitation is also displayed, is experiencing a form of remarketing.

In terms of data reporting, live chat analytics (such as those from Contact At Once!) offer similar insights provided by Google including where the dealer’s photo drop-ins appear, the number of clicks the drop-ins receive, and the geolocation of the prospect. But since its live chat, the data goes a step further to record the full context of conversations, the lead information captured, and benchmarks for dealers to compare their results against others in their region, their brand or across the country.


Last Spring, Ed Parkinson traveled the U.S. describing to dealers how they could be present and a part of the content at Every Moment of Truth for the consumer. With the increase in adoption of live chat and spread of live chat across OEM websites and all major third-party classifieds, the ability to wholesale nfl jerseys remarket with live chat is now a reality.

The action taken by the Kia dealership (from our example above) to reinforce actions taken by their OEM and third-party classified sites is ensuring an recurring presentation of their dealership, not oakley sunglasses for men to mention providing immediate accessibility for consumers. In essence, the same cascading effect reached by other remarketing methods NFL Jerseys Cheap has now been achieved using live chat photo drop-in invitations. For Kia dealers and dealers of many other brands, remarking with live chat photo drop-ins is an all-around smart idea.


For more information on how to add live chat photo drop-in invitations to your website and have your photo drop-in invitations appear in more places across the web, click on the drop-in image below.

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-559" title="dealer-live-chat" src="" alt="" cheap nfl jerseys width=”400″ height=”213″ />

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